Review: Mui Ne Hills Hotels, Vietnam – Beer Pong & Pillow Fights!

Backpackers having fun in a pool at Mui Ne Hills Resorts
Mui Ne Hills opened in 2012 and is centrally located in the Binh Thuan Region of Mui Ne, Vietnam. Mui Ne is just a few hours away from the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City and is home to a 1km-long beach, as well as being a popular spot for windsurfing! Just a stone’s throw from the nearest beach, no matter what you are looking for from your accommodation you are sure to find it here. From luxury boutique hotel to budget backpacker dorms, Mui Ne Hills has it all. Here are five reasons why we would highly recommend this resort to fellow travellers!
Backpackers sharing a bucket at Mui Ne Hills!
Backpackers sharing a bucket at Mui Ne Hills!

Why travellers love Mui Ne Hills…

1.  Something for everyone

Since opening the staff and owners, Erik and Long, have worked tirelessly to continually assess the varying and ever changing needs and expectations of travellers and ensure that the resort really does cater for all. The resort offers an extensive range of accommodation types making it almost impossible for someone not to find what he or she is looking for! This stunning site blends four contrasting accommodation types around five swimming pools. This really does ensure that it caters for all and the pool is never too crowded – with the exception of 5pm when the infamous pillow fight begins (more about that later!).
Backpackers enjoying the refreshing pool in Mui Ne Hills
Backpackers enjoying the refreshing pool at Mui Ne Hills Backpackers.
The first accommodation available is the Mui Ne Hills Budget Hotel. This is perfectly suited for the budget traveller and offers a range of private and dorm rooms. This is where the first of the five (!) pools can be found. This is a quieter small pool, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main resort. The second accommodation type is the Mui Ne Hills Villa Hotel. This is a boutique style hotel, with approximately twenty rooms, fortunately positioned to take advantage of the hillside views over the ocean. The Villa Hotel also benefits from its own private swimming pool and sun deck area fringed with miniature palm trees making for a more intimate, up market setting. The third style of accommodation is the Mui Ne Hills Bliss Hotel. The Bliss Hotel opened towards the end of 2014 and was designed to meet the needs and expectations of traveller with a larger budget looking for a more luxurious stay. The Bliss Hotel comprises of a whole host of rooms some complete with extensive balconies complete with views of the bay of Mui Ne. The latest addition to the resort is Mui Ne Hills Backpackers, which opened towards the end of 2017. As the name suggests this was designed with the modern backpacker in mind. It offers spacious and comfortable dorms and private rooms for backpackers who are looking for the perks of resort living without blowing the backpacker budget.
Clean and budget-friendly dorm beds at Mau Ne Hills
Clean and budget-friendly dorm beds at Mui Ne Hills Backpackers.
The resort is also handy for backpackers who are travelling as a couple. This way it is easy to enjoy the social aspect of hostel living during the evening but have the privacy of your own private room just around the corner. In addition, to the extensive range of accommodation there is a fifth swimming situated by the Mad Monkey Bar. This pool is accessible to all guests and where we spent most of our time during our stay. It had a great vibe and was the perfect spot to meet other travellers and share both highlights and stories from the trip. Even the music was carefully tailored to create a great atmosphere, turning from chilled tunes during the day to party vibes as the sun set.
Backpackers chilling with the staff at Mui Ne Hills!
Waiting for the evening entertainment to begin! Backpackers chilling with the staff at Mui Ne Hills.

2.  Evening activities

Mui Ne Hills never fails to deliver in the evenings. There was an extensive selection of evening activities running through the week and changing on a daily basis. During our stay we had the opportunity to join in with the Beer Pong and Flip Cup tournament and the pub quiz – both equally fun and inevitably slightly blurry! It was great to stay at a resort that so clearly worked hard to bring travellers together and encourage social mixing, regardless of age, budget or preconceptions. The rep, Nel and the owners, Erik and Long, were always around to get people chatting, lead a quick game and really got involved throughout the night which was great! Throughout our travels we really noticed the difference that a great staff team could make to your experience at a hostel and the team at Mui Ne Hills never lacked enthusiasm or energy. If you’re looking for somewhere to socialise in a safe and inclusive environment you will not be disappointed, Mui Ne Hills is perfect for the solo traveller or for groups.
Limbo rocking is just one of the many activities backpackers can enjoy at Mui Ne Hills
Limbo is just one of the many activities backpackers can enjoy! (The photo is a bit blurry, like my memory of the evening.)

3.  Infamous pillow fight

We could not write any further without mentioning the notorious pillow fight! This is a sight and (rather embarrassing… for me anyway!) experience that we will never forget. Where else do you get the opportunity to straddle a bar raised approximately 1.5m above the pool whilst whacking your opponent with a wet pillow? Even for those who choose not to participate this is a hilarious performance and sure to break the ice with fellow travellers. At 5pm expect the pool to empty, the bar to come out and Erik to be poolside with a mic! You better get yourself a poolside seat and enjoy the show. This is truly a unique experience and definitely a conversation starter as you continue your journey south. It is a mad concept and although it seems slightly bizarre at first it really does create the perfect opportunity to socialise with others, have a laugh and try something completely and utterly different. We have no doubt that you will be hooked.  You really cannot visit Mui Ne without experiencing the infamous pillow fights at Mui Ne Hills! 
Pillow Fight - something that you shouldn't miss in Mui Ne Hills
Pool pillow fight – a totally unique and bizarre experience at Mui Ne Hills!

4.  Value for money

Everything from the drinks and meals, the rooms, and the tours available offer exceptional value for money. Regardless of whether you are a backpacker or flashpacker, this makes it ridiculously easy to enjoy the setting without worrying about over-stretching the budget. The menu offers an extensive range of reasonably priced western and authentic dishes and with multiple happy hour deals and ever-changing daily deals you can enjoy an afternoon cocktail by the pool without an ounce of guilt. With dorm rooms for as little as two dollars per night and a tour of the local sand dunes and Fairie Stream for just 100,000 VND ($4.5 USD), you really will struggle to find anywhere that offers better value for money.

5.  Everything you need in one place

Whenever we review a hostel one of the questions we ask ourselves is ‘Is there anything missing that a backpacker would want?’. This is one of the only places where we really couldn’t identify a service that was missing, from laundry, tours, restaurants, bars )and even a gym!). If it wasn’t for the surroundings you could quite easily forget to leave the resort. The ease of accessing all of these services within the resort contributes massively to the ensuring your stay is relaxed and hassle-free. The staff went above and beyond to ensure that no request was too much and booking both tours and ongoing travel was simple and hassle-free leaving us to make the most of every minute in Mui Ne.
Backpackers having great times and beers at a Mui Ne Hills b
Backpackers having beers and mingling at Mui Ne Hills bar.
Whether you are a backpacker looking for a lively, sociable stay or a couple looking for an idyllic setting in a high-end luxury resort Mui Ne Hills has something to suit you. All at an incredible value and conveniently located. To make the most of this resort we recommend getting involved in the evening activities and of course, the pillow fight is a must see. There is also talk of a new development on site, set to elevate the resort further… watch this space and check out their website for the latest news. Overall a great resort with only one risk – you may not want to leave! Check availability at Mui Ne Hills now!
Mui Ne Hills - A Backpacker Heaven!
Mui Ne Hills – A Backpacker Heaven!
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