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Sheree is the awkward British wanderluster behind, a travel blog designed to show that even the most useless of us can travel. Follow Sheree’s adventures as she blunders around the globe, falling into squat toilets, getting into cars with machete men and running away from angry peacocks.

Marina Bay Sands Luxury Hotel - Singapore by night.

COVID-19: Singapore Travel Updates

Can you travel to Singapore right now? Get up to date with the latest COVID-19 travel restrictions for international travellers to Singapore. Quarantine periods, visas, COVID-19 test requirements, face masks and more…

6 Epic Motorcycle Routes in Southeast Asia

Riding a motorcycle in Southeast Asia is a rite of passage. No matter whether you want a short journey or an epic adventure, these motorcycle routes will offer the adrenaline, freedom and vistas you dream of!

Girl at airport with backpack

9 Top Travel Backpacks for Women

These are the best travel backpacks for women recommended by travel-loving ladies from our community. For the best fit, choose a female-specific pack. This will better cater to your body…

Samui Plus, Thailand: A Traveller’s Guide

Are you interested in Thailand’s Samui Plus scheme? This allows fully vaccinated, international travellers to visit the three most popular islands without needing to complete a lengthy state quarantine!

Singapore quarantine hotels

Top 10 Quarantine Hotels in Singapore

We look at the best hotels in Singapore to complete your SHN (Stay Home Notice), also known as the two week mandatory quarantine. Pay extra for a suite to pick your quarantine hotel.

Pho in Vietnam

Vietnamese Phở: The Nation’s Best Loved Soup

Eating phở in Vietnam is a traveller rite of passage. The country’s national dish is an aromatic noodle soup with a vibrant history. Learn all about it, including where to eat it, in this complete guide.


A Guide to Cambodia’s Sihanoukville Sandbox

Cambodia has announced that it will begin to restart tourism with the launch of the Sihanoukville Sandbox. Incorporating popular destination Koh Rong and the resort of Dara Sakor in Koh Kong province too.

Pandemic travel essentials

19 Pandemic Travel Essentials To Keep You Safe & Happy

Are you jumping back on a plane soon? Then you’ll need to invest in these pandemic travel essentials! With everything from transit items to ways to keep yourself occupied in quarantine, this list has got you covered!

Fish amok in Cambodia

Fish Amok: Cambodia’s National Dish

Fish amok is commonly said to be Cambodia’s national dish. This creamy curry dish can be made with a variety of ingredients, however, fish is the most common. Check out this post to learn more about one of Cambodia’s most popular dishes!

Koh Samui

All 12 Samui Extra Plus Hotels: Thailand Sandbox

Are you heading to Thailand on the Samui Plus Scheme? If so, you’ll be required to stay in a Samui Extra Plus hotel for the first week. In this article we delve into the 12 designated hotels to help you choose!

Coffee in Vietnam

Coffee in Vietnam: Drink Like a Local!

As the world’s second-largest coffee producer, Vietnam is a country that knows a bit about coffee. The drip coffee method has become famous world over and is directly responsible for some of Asia’s best caffeinated drinks, including egg coffee! This article covers everything you need to know about the history of coffee culture in Vietnam.


13 Unique Indonesian Animals

One of the best parts of travel is undoubtedly spotting the local wildlife. These incredible Indonesian animals are fascinating and unique. How many have you seen?

Floating market in Thailand

Floating Markets in Thailand: The Lowdown

You’ve probably heard that Thailand’s floating markets are a tourist trap… but is that true? We deep dive into the history of floating markets, discuss which ones are the most authentic and top tips for visiting!

Cendol: Southeast Asia’s Coolest Dessert

Cendol: Southeast Asia’s Coolest Dessert

Cendol is a sweet iced dessert which you must try if you are travelling Southeast Asia. Widely available in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, this famous dish has a long and fascinating history!

Escape with Travel Books

31 Travel Books to Help You Escape From the World!

Tired of the same old books populating hostel shelves and circulating ‘best backpacker reads’ lists? Yeah, so are we! Therefore, we took a poll, asking you to tell us your favourite books to read while travelling, and you delivered! Here’s the fresh list we’ve compiled – with your generous help – that’ll easily satisfy all of your travel needs, for both now and in future.

Top 22 Must-Try Drinks in Asia

22 Asian Drinks – How Many Have You Tried?

From Thailand’s notorious ‘Bucket’ to Malaysia’s beloved ‘Teh Tarik’ we pick the best beverages in Asia. Healthy and refreshing or devilishly alcoholic and mind-blowing! Here are the TOP 22 must try thirst quenchers! How many tipples have you tried?

Start A Travel Blog In 9 Easy Steps

Start A Travel Blog In 10 Easy Steps

This easy to follow, step-by-step guide will help you to start a successful travel blog from scratch. Learn how to host your website, produce high-quality content and choose a theme. Start your travel blog today and work your way to location independence!

Man stands in front of two waterfalls in Bohol

75 Best Travel Quotes For Backpackers!

For all of you daydreaming about your next adventure, check out these travel quotes for inspiration! No matter whether you are looking for profound travel sentiments for your next Instagram caption or something good humoured to get your reminiscing about your last trip, you’re in the right place!

Ban Gioc Waterfall by Olivier Langevin

Ban Gioc Waterfall: Vietnam’s Secret Natural Wonder

Ban Gioc Waterfall is surely one of the best natural sights in the whole of Vietnam. However, hardly anyone actually goes there! To make sure you don’t miss out on this wondrous waterfall, plan your visit with our comprehensive guide.

The Best Apps for Backpackers

The Best Apps for Backpackers

Looking for a backpacker app to make your trip easier? Our community recommended some super helpful options! Check out our list of the best backpacker apps and get downloading today!

Do You Need to Take Malaria Tablets in South East Asia?

Do You Need to Take Antimalarials in Southeast Asia?

There is a lot of debate surrounding the use of antimalarials in South East Asia. They nearly all come with horrible side-effects and many travellers say that the risk of catching malaria is so low that the pills aren’t worth the effort. What is the truth though? Do you need to take anti-malaria tablets in South East Asia?

The 20 Best Hostels in Koh Tao, Thailand

The 20 Best Hostels in Koh Tao, Thailand

Looking for a place to stay in Koh Tao but not sure where to start? We’ve rounded up the best hostels on the island to help you choose your ideal place to stay!

Satary Stall on Kuala Lumpur food tour

Kuala Lumpur Food Tour! A Taste of Traditional Malaysia

On the hunt for the taste of traditional Malaysia, writers Ellie and Will join A Chef’s Tour – a foodies dream journey through the old markets of Kuala Lumpur. Find out what local delights made their mouths water and most importantly, what they thought about Durian!

Rock Climbing in Vang Vieng, Laos: A Must for Adrenaline Junkies!

Rock Climbing in Vang Vieng, Laos – A Must for Adrenaline Junkies!

Vang Vieng might be most known for its crazy parties but recent years have seen this backpacker Mecca change into an adrenaline junkies paradise! South East Asia Ambassador Will went to check out the rock climbing opportunities with Adam’s Climbing School to see what all the fuss is about.

Ali Couch in Sri Lanka with her backpack on. This is the cover image for her article about backpacking in your 50s

Should you Go Backpacking at 50?

Backpacking is for anyone at any age. I seek to quash the barriers that people may have about backpacking and extol the pleasures of backpacking!

Shhhh…. Is this the Perfect Southeast Asian Paradise Island ?

Iconic sands like Maya Bay (Koh Phi Phi) and Freedom Beach (Phuket) in Thailand offer a beautiful setting but the experience is marred by swarms of tourists, some of whom have no respect for the natural environment. When we arrived in Southeast Asia, we heard whispers about a largely untouched desert island paradise – but how could we get there? And was the mythical island all that we hoped it would be?

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